About Simulacra

This website showcases land use transport modelling, urban complexity and sustainability research from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London.

SIMULACRA is a term made popular by Jean Baudrillard in his book: Simulacra and Simulation (1981, University of Michigan Press, 1995). Simulacra is generally meant to be copies of things that no longer have an original (or never had one to begin with). Click here for a simple elaboration.

In this sense, our models are ?simulacra? and ever more so as we massage data into a form where it is no longer real. This play on words is quite purposeful as we increasingly think of models as tools to explore reality rather than being expressions of reality itself.

As an acronym if you need one, it unpacks to mean SIMulating Urban Landuse ACommercial and Residential Activities. We are using it here as a collective term for the various models were are building for several related projects in CASA, these models being if various genera from traditional land use transportation interaction (LUTI) models to models of urban development based on cellular automata (CA).

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